Israel's story - Unboxing Israel

Israel’s story

We are an optimistic nation of dreamers and doers making our mark in the world

This is our story, the story of the Israeli people, our achievements, our vision, our spirit.


When presenting Israel to the world, we invite you to use the narratives we developed within your own texts and expressions of Israel. You don’t have to use them word-for-word, but we encourage you to use them for inspiration in your thinking and communications material.


But first, is your audience interested in Israel from a business perspective or a cultural and lifestyle perspective? Pick an option below to see the narratives that express who we, the Israeli people, are.

What’s your angle?


Our three narratives for a new way to talk about Israel

Celebrating Life

We value life, live it to the fullest and are always looking for ways to make life better. We are happy and spontaneous, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. In Hebrew, “Cheers” literally means, “To Life”!

Living Together

Israel is an amazing kaleidoscope of different colors, backgrounds, traditions and religions. Our past, present and future are fueled by our cultural diversity and our shared destiny. Israel is full of contrasts, but somehow, we make it work!

Moving Forward & Getting Things Done

We are thousands of years old but early adopters of “the new”, always forecasting and adapting changes in trends and behaviors. We bring out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurship to all walks of life. We welcome a good challenge. We are brave and bold, willing to take risks and like to improvise and create. Our motto is: “Start as fast as you can and then, slowly, get faster”

Problem-Solving Society

Israelis love to break new ground! We are a nation of dreamers always thinking of news ways to make life easier today and solving the challenges of tomorrow. We use our out-of-the box thinking, comprehensive skillsets, and ability to look at problems from different angles to provide solutions to everyday and major challenges.

Committed to Getting Things Done

Israeli people are action-oriented and do not settle for wishful thinking. We are resilient, committed, and purpose-driven people who are not afraid of failure. We take ownership of what we want to achieve, always find a creative way to get things done, and move quickly on to the next challenge.

Inviting Community

Israelis invite you to experience and get to know their community. We enjoy working, and work to enjoy what life has to offer outside of the office. Israelis bridge the gap between business and friendship. Through family values, we show you who we are and where we come from, opening the door to lasting, strong relationships.